Sunday, November 21, 2010


WINDOW BLINDS:We offer you a large range of blinds.This gives you total solar protection and you can choose from a wide range of blinds in fabric, aluminium, wood eco-friendly and venetian blinds. Each blind system has been designed and created to satisfy for all kinds of interior spaces-from period to contemporary style and even customised to specific customer needs.
VERTICAL BLINDS: We offer the most ideal solar control solution with a wide variety of fabrics in purely decorative designs, prints and textures, besides specialised fabrics.

All vertical blinds come with contoured bead rail design that gives the blinds a sleek and elegant look. The specifically designed fabric weight and link chain ensures free movement without any friction and provides better closure.

ROLLER BLINDS:provide sheer elegance to the interior spaces and enhance the decor of the interiors. If you are looking for a roller blind providing ample solar protection and at the same time lets you view the outside, you need to choose from a wide collection of screen fabrics.

Our range of blackout and dimout fabrics offers maximum solar control. Roller blinds reduce glare, thus lowering the inside temperature and making the air conditioning more effective.
WOODEN BLINDS:An innovation in quality and precision with a range of exotic colours made from the finest quality wood every single slat is of uniform width, length and thickness for smooth and easy operation.

- All wooden blinds come with matching top valance.

-A choice of exotic colours and finishes.

-Choice of cord or woven ladder tapes.

-Made from finest seasoned wood.

-Perfect drop and finish.
VENETIAN BLINDS:Choose from a perforated and metallic range of blinds with different colour combination which are vibrant and lively. The tiny holes in the perforated blinds lets you view the outside world when it is clear and at the same time blocking the glare of the sun.

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